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FJ1020 Automatic 180° Swing Cylinder Screen Printing Machine

Shanghai FengTai Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 05, 2016

1 Product Name:
Auto Swing Cylinder Screen Printing Machine 

2.Main Technical Specifications

Max Paper Size720*520 mm780*540 mm1020*720 mm
Min. Paper Size350*270 mm350*270 mm480*270 mm
Max.printing size720*500 mm780*520 mm1020*700 mm
Sheet thickness100-350 g/m2100-350 g/m2100-350 g/m2
screen frame size880*880 mm940*940 mm1180*1000 mm
printing speed600-3600 pcs/h1000-3600 pcs/h1000-3600 pcs/h

1. Automatic control, automatic delivery, automatic paper jogging, simple and convenient adjustment. 
2. Performed by pneumatic 
Auto Swing Cylinder Screen Printing Machine
Performance and Features
      Auto swing cylinder screen printing machine series is a well-recognized auto flat screen press with high speed and high precision, ranking top in China suppliers.It is advantageous for well designed structure with single piece or streamline paper feeding equipment.Frequency variance conrol motor and whole-process auto close-monitoring device are equipped. It can be controlled by PLC program Panel or centralized controller.
        Only one person is necessary for operation, which greatly saves labor and boosts production. This machine canbe used in printing soft and semi-soft material featured of 100-350 g/m2,especially with UV ink for colors such as golden and silvery of Ceramics sticker,Package,Label and Cards, and etc. It's vivid colors, stereoscopic effect and strong covering achieves a superior postions over other print presses.

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